Communication and consulting through a winning connecting brand action

Open The Sight OPEN to change

Give up comfortable habits, broadening the horizons of knowledge and broadening ethical perspectives

Open The Sight OPEN to innovate

Abandoning ideological schemes, destined to turn into conformisms and endorse economic slavery

Open The Sight OPEN to be transparent

Painting your own reality, not just the version of reality the world wants to see

Open The Sight OPEN to be fair

Take care of the general good so that it can prevail over particular interests

Open The Sight OPEN to be conscious

Communicating is not enough, you have to think the same thing

Open The Sight OPEN to be for all

Dedicate yourself to art, to new thoughts and creativity of inspiration

Open The Sight OPEN to take care

Facing and overcoming the artfully widespread ignorance, the conscious oblivion of memory and reason

Open The Sight OPEN to clean up

Working to develop ideas is the most joyful job. It means creating a better result for everyone

Communication Agency

Creative agency able to develop engaging and lasting communication solutions thanks to a thoughtful and strategic thinking. We build a proactive business relationship with our customers, and thanks to a wide background in the luxury and design furniture market and contemporary craftsmanship we bring you a combination of experience, knowledge and sensibility aimed to generate successful strategies.

The support of communication, in every initiative, is fundamental

For this reason, every service and/or product on the market, in order to be known, needs to be communicated.
OPEN THE SIGHT assists and advises clients, realises creative projects that deliver results, collaborates with large, medium and small brands, offering and implementing customised solutions and suitable “tailor-made communication” strategies.


We work to understand your goals and design with this purpose in mind.